Departure from Funchal in the morning, with return at the end of the day

One day cruise = Ferry trip without Transfers


One Day Cruise + Transfers = Ferry trip + Transfers (in Funchal or Caniço and Porto Santo)


One day cruise + Transfers + Bicycle = Ferry trip + Transfers (in Funchal or Caniço) + Bicycle in Porto Santo

Upon arrival in Porto Santo, the bicycle will be delivered, subject to a deposit of 25 euros and presentation of ticket corresponding to the product. The deposit will be returned, upon delivery of the bicycle (in good condition), to the ship, 50 min. before the scheduled time of the ferry trip to Funchal (see regulation).

One day cruise + Transfers + Excursion = Ferry trip + Transfers (in Funchal or Caniço and Porto Santo) + Excursion

Departure from Porto Santo port, Calheta, Campo de Cima and Campo de Baixo, Sítio do Dragoal, Pico Castelo, Camacha, Pedregal, Serra de Dentro, Serra de Fora and Portela. Duration: 2h.

One day cruise + Transfers + Golf = Ferry trip + Transfers (in Funchal or Caniço and Porto Santo to the Golf Club) + Green fee

The dry climate, with little variation in temperature between seasons, makes Porto Santo offer natural conditions for golf all year round. The Porto Santo Golf Course will provide you with unique challenges in strokes with spectacular views over the south and north coast of the island.
The Porto Santo Golf Course with 18 holes and a course of 6,434m, was designed by Severiano Ballesteros.

One day cruise + Transfers + Thalasso Spa = Ferry trip + Transfers (in Funchal or Caniço and Porto Santo to Hotel Vila Baleira) + Thalasso SPA

Thalassotherapy carries out treatments with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean, captured 200m from the coast and presenting high quantities of chromium, strontium and iodine. The chemical composition of sea water is very close to that of blood plasma and allows, through its passage through the skin in baths at a temperature of 35º, bringing trace elements and mineral salts to the body, essential to its balance. Due to its physical, chemical and biological properties, combined with its thermal action, it is an authentic source of health.
The thermal action of sea water hydrates and regenerates the organism, performing a true osmosis between the invigorating sea and the body tired by the vicissitudes of modern life. Recommended for people with rheumatic problems, circulatory trauma, skin diseases, stress and fatigue.


One day cruise + Transfers (only in Porto Santo) = Ferry trip + Transfers (Porto Santo only)


One day cruise + Transfers (Porto Santo only) + Bicycle / Excursion / Golf = Ferry trip + Transfers (only at Porto Santo) + Supplements